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Patriots, priests, pole-dancing for god, and the politics of belief. Grant Peeples' music isn’t easy, but it’s real as hell, and beautiful t’boot.— Joyce Ziehli, Americana Gazette

He's the Woody Guthrie of the New Millennium...Larry Newman, WSCA, Portsmouth, NH

FEBRUARY 1st 2018

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March 2018 release

Grant's latest book of poetry

The content is expressly adult.  Sex is the prevailing theme.  Erotica?  I don’t know.  Some might say it is vulgar.  Or raunchy.  Or just offensive. Or perverted.  Or even pornographic.  An accusation of misogyny would not surprise me.  And I know of at least one person who would find it disturbing.   (I am hoping, for her sake, she will not venture a read.)    

I was speaking with someone who has been an enormous help in the editing and assembling of the book, she tossed out ‘literary raunch’---almost jokingly---as a genre description.  We both laughed.  Then paused.   Then thought:   Okay.   Maybe.  Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad.

I worked as hard writing these poems as I have anything I’ve ever done.  I believe the standards I have tried to set for my other work I have likewise, genuinely, tried to summon here, and with as much honesty and clarity as I possibly could.    And because of this honesty, (I suppose),  it has never occurred to me that I shouldn’t share these with the tiny public I have.  

So…with this somewhat ambivalent caveat, here you have it:   Bad Poetry. ---GP 

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Grant's live recording of his 60th birthday concert

featuring some of his closest friends

performing their favorite Grant Peeples tunes

CD & booklet

with Grant's reflections on the day, the songs, and the performers

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My Company of Friends

On the eve of my sixtieth birthday I struggled with how I wanted to mark the occasion. For a while, the thought of just turning off my phone and going to an island seemed like the best thing to do.  As I chewed on several other ideas, each one I came up with seemed more vainglorious than the one before.  At long last I dispensed with self-judgement, and decided on this: a night in which I asked some of my closest friends to pick a song I had written, and to come sing it for me.   I couldn’t think of anything that would mean more, or that I would enjoy more, than this.  So, I went with it.  And you hold in your hand here the result of that decision---the gift of time and talent from those friends. 

It all went down the very night of my sixtieth birthday, May 2, 2017.  At the Junction@Monroe, in Tallahassee.

These are live recordings of the songs that were sung there that night.

I Am Empty Now- performed by Frank Lindamood

Shine Republik Shine- performed by Sarah Mac Band

My People Come from the Dirt- performed by The New 76ers

Purple Felt Sack- performed by Carrie Hamby

It'll Never Be Love Again-performed by Lis & Lon Williamson

You're a Slave to Your Imagination-performed by Mimi Hearn

Punch a Bully in the Mouth- performed by Frank Graham

Basement of Her Heart- performed by Danny Goddard

Elisabeth- performed by Larry Mangum

Lilianna- performed by Ric Edmiston

Company of Friends- performed by Grant Peeples


All songs by Grant Peeples SESAC, Leftneck Music, except for 

"Punch a Bully in the Mouth" by Frank Graham and Grant Peeples

"Company of Friends" by Danny Schmidt

Recorded live on May 2, 2017

Tallahassee, FL


A Congress of Treasons

Release Date February 2016


Listen to preview tracks HERE 

All acoustic / produced by Lis Williamson / 8 original songs / 2 covers by Amanda Shires & Jack White / 2 poems /  Musical contributors: Lis & Lon Williamson / Erik Alvar / Gurf Morlix / Rick Richards / Rebecca Zapen /  Brian Durham /  Kelly Goddard / Danny Goddard / Tuck Tucker / Longineu Parsons / Evan Powell / Jim Snyder / Gabe Valla / Michelle Dalziel /   Sarah Mac / Leon Anderson / 

 Tracks on the album:








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